Changing Background Color in NX Drafting

There are different methods to change the background color in NX Drafting. But there are some limitations. You should change the object colors which color similar to the background color. Otherwise, you can not see them on the graphics window.

To change the background color in NX Drafting:

Method 1: Changing the background color in “Monochrome” display

  1. Open the “Visualization Preferences” dialog box.
    File => Preferences => Visualization
  2. On the left navigator select “Drawing Layouts”
    Color => Drawing Layouts
  3. Turn on the “Monochrome Display” checkbox.
  4. Click on the “Background” color box.
  5. the “Object color dialog box will open.
  6. Select a new background color.
  7. If you can not find color in the dialog box change the “Subsets” setting as shown in the figure.
  8. Click the “OK” button.
  9. Now the Background color is changed.
  10. Change the “Foreground” color. (This color is a visible object color in the “Monochrome” display)
  11. Click on the “Foreground” color box.
  12. The “Object color dialog box will open.
  13. Select a new foreground color.
  14. Also, if you want you can change the Selection and Preselection colors.
  15. Click on the “OK” button to apply changes and exit from the dialog box.

Method 2: Changing the background color in the disabled “Monochrome” display

  1. Start the “Background” command.
    1. Menu => Preferences => Background
    2. File => Preferences => Background
  2. Color Palette will open
  3. Select the color in the palette
  4. Click on “OK” in the color palette
  5. The background color will change in the NX drafting.

To activate or deactivate the “Monochrome” display in NX Drafting.

  1. Click the right mouse button on the drawing in the part navigator.
  2. Click on the  “Monochrome” on the opening list.
    • If the  “Monochrome” is marked, the  “Monochrome” display is active
    • If the  “Monochrome” is not marked, the  “Monochrome” display is disabled.

Note: These methods change only the active working file. If you want to apply these changes to all files that will be created.

  1. Copy the template part file in the “C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX\UGII\templates” 
  2. Just in case take a backup of the unchanged template file.
  3. Paste to the desktop
  4. Open the template file.
  5. Start the Drafting application.
  6. Change the background by using one of the methods above
  7. Save file.
  8. Change the modified NX file with the template file in the “C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX\UGII\templates”

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