Revolved Cut in SolidWorks Modeling

The “Revolved Cut” command is used to remove solid from the body by revolving a closed sketch contour around an axis.

Its usage is similar to the “Revolved Boss/Base” command.

Create the model in the figure by using the “Revolved Cut” command.


  1. Draw the sketch as shown in the figure.
  2. Extrude the sketch.
  3. Create a sketch on the top surface of the model.
  4. Draw a circle and axis in the sketch.
  5. Exit the sketch
  6. Start the “Revolved Cut” command
  7. Select the axis on the sketch.
  8. If it is closed, click on the down-arrow near the “Selected Contours” tab in the command dialog box.
  9. Click on the “Selected Contours” box in the command dialog box.
  10. Now you can select both sides of the circle divided by an axis. Select one of the semicircles.

    Note: If draw semicircle in step 4. The revolved structure will be created automatically after the axis selected.
  11. Click “Ok” to remove the revolved region from the body.

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