Selection Problem in NX

You might have selection problems in NX. This might occur when creating features by using commands like extrude, revolve, etc…

This is a very common problem. Actually, it is not a problem. This is the result of the wrong settings that you changed before and forget to change after used.

If you can not select the curve, line, face, edge or anything like this follow the instructions written below.

  • Look “Type Filter” on the top bar.
  • Select the right setting for selection. Most important settings:
    • No selection filter: You can select everything on the graphics window. 
    • Curve: You can only select curves. 
    • Edge: You can only select edges.
    • Face: You can only select faces
    • Sketch: You can only select sketches.
    • ….

If you can not select anything when using a command like extrude, revolve, etc… You should look “Curve Rule” on the top ribbon bar. This setting only becomes active when the command started.

  • Look curve rule on the top bar.
  • The settings of the “Curve Rule” specifies which types of curves or faces or regiıns will be used in the command
  • Most important “Curve Rules” are:
    • Single Rule: You can only select a single curve. To select other curves, click on other curves in the graphics window.
    • Connected curves: You can select all connected curves set by clicking one line/curve in the set
    • Tangent Curves: All curves will be selected if they are connected with tangent curves
    • Face Edges: You can select all edges of the face by clicking on it.
    • Region Boundary Curves: Closed region area will be selected by one click on closed area
    • Infer Curves: Sketch will be selected by clicking on it.
    • ….

If you are in assembly modeling and you have problems to select other part features in the assembly.

  • Look “Selection Scope” on the top bar
    • Entire Assembly: You can select anything in the assembly. If you have selection problems in assembly set “Selection Scope” as “Assembly”
    • Within Work Part and Components: You can only select the features in the work part and components in the work part. (You can not select any de-emphasized parts in the graphics window.)
    • Within Work Part only:  Yo can only select work parts. You can not select any components in the work part.
      (Parts in the component are emphasized but you can not select any of these)

8 thoughts on “Selection Problem in NX

    1. The problem might occur because of different reasons
      The type filters changes according to your active command and modüle (assembly, modeling, or drafting).
      Try to look type filter after command activation.
      If there is no curve in the model, curve chain selection will not be seen in the type filter.

  1. I have not been able to select 2 separate sketches, even with no selection filter and the selection scope on the entire assembly, work part only, or the active sketch. Does this error relate to the selection filter or selection scope at all? Am I missing something important? Thank you

    1. Sometimes, in the imported files as stp, iges, etc… layers might be grouped in different layers.
      Check the “layer filter” is checked as all, as shown in the figure.

  2. New NX update not very good at all, big step backward. Surface to Solid work lousy, someone should have there job removed for this update. Took away Classic toolbar and left crap, not very good for high end plastic work any longer. So sad to see.

    1. I was using the classic toolbar.
      I assigned my most used commands in one tab in NX and try to make this tab similar to the classic toolbar.

  3. I am having issue to select the sketch to draw the second sketch on different plane in same model. Therefore it is not taking any relation with first sketch. How to resolve this issue.

    1. Your “Selection Filter” is set as “Within active sketch only”. Thats because you can not select anything out of sketch.
      Change the Selection filter to “Entire Assembly” or “Within Work Part Only” as shown in the figure.

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