Draft in NX Modeling

You can modify body faces by changing their angles to reference objects. Mostly it is used for molded parts to remove from their mold.

In NX Modeling the “Draft” command is used to modify model faces by changing their angles to reference objects.

To activate the “Draft” command:

  1. Home Ribbon Bar => Base Group => Draft icon (shown in the figure)
  2. Menu => Insert => Detail Feature => Draft

To Modify Faces by using Modify command:

  1. Start the “Draft Command.
  2. The “Draft” command dialog box will open.
  3. In the dialog box, the “Specify Vector” in the “Draw Direction” group is automatically selected.
    The arrows will be seen in the graphics window.. You can specify the drafting angle by selecting these arrows or any objects in the graphics screen like face, edge, curve, etc…
  4. After you specify the direction, the “Select Stationary Face” function will be active in the “Draft Preferences” group.
    Select a stationary face in the model.
  5. Click once to middle mouse button to activate the “Select Face” in the “Faces to Draft” group.
  6. Select Faces to modify.
  7. The preview of the model in the graphics window will change.
  8. Edit the angle value by typing in the “Angle 1” box or dragging the angle arrowhead in the graphics window.
    Note: You can set different draft angles to other faces in the same draft command. To specify different angles to new faces.:
    1. Click once the middle mouse button or click on the “Add New Set” icon in the dialog box.
    2. A new selection set will be activated.
    3. select faces to modify and specify new slope angles to them.
    4. You will see angle boxes for each Selection set.
      Note: Selection sets are hidden in the dialog box. to see the selection sets click on the drop-down arrow at the bottom. The selection set list will be seen under the “Add New Set” bar.
  9. Click the middle mouse button twice to apply changes to the model and exit the “Draft” command.

Note: If you have problems to draft face in the model you can try to use “Chamfer” or “Move Face” commands alternatively. 

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