Solid Modeling in NX

Modeling application is used for creating 3d solid bodies in NX.

To start modeling application in an opened NX file

  • Press the “Ctrl+m” on the keyboard
  • Click on the Modeling icon on the path of “Application Ribbon Bar => Design Group => Modeling icon”

If you start a new modeling file select Model on the templates group of the “New” command dialog box.

The figure shows the modeling commands on the “Home Ribbon Bar”. 

Mostly you will use the commands in the “Base Group” to create and edit 3d models.

Note: NX is very flexible in 3D modeling but you should be very careful that’s because. You can make mistakes easily because of this flexibility. 

Synchronous Modeling group commands are used to edit, move, or change the features and faces on the 3D model. If you use these commands do not edit the features created before. Edit the model by creating new features. (Do not edit, or change features created before if you use the “Synchronous Modeling” command on the model.) My advice is to not use the “Synchronous Modeling” commands at the beginning. Use these commands above the intermediate level on the NX modeling.

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