WCS meaning in NX

You can see the WCS coordinates as XC, YC, and ZC in NX. WCS coordinate system is different from the Absolute Coordinate System. WCS is the shortening of the “Work Coordinate System”.

  • XC: X-Axis (Current)
  • YC: Y-Axis (Current)
  • ZC: Z-Axis (Current)

Work Coordinate System changes through your operation in the NX.

For Example:

  1. In the figure, you can see the WCS. (The modeling application is active.)
  2. In the figure below, I create a sketch on the surface of the model. The sketch coordinate center is shown in a blue circle. WCS coordinate center is not changed. Shown in a red circle.
  3. I start the profile command in the sketch and as you see in the figure; WCS moved on the sketch coordinate center.

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