General Pattern in Assembly Modeling

You can pattern components in the assembly by defining target points or coordinate points in the assembly.

To create a general pattern in the assembly.

  1. Start the “Pattern Component“ command.
  2. Change the layout as “General” in the “Pattern Definition” tab.
  3. Specify the reference point on the part. (Specify point in the “From” tab highlighted.)
  4. “Specify Point” in the “To” tab will be highlighted.
  5. Select points on the assembly to pattern objects.
  6. Click “Ok” to finish command.

Note: You can create a sketch and specify all the points in the sketch to pattern part/parts.

  • Select the “Sketch Section” in the “To” tab near the “Specify Point”
  • Create points in the sketch.
  • All of the points will be specified as reference points to pattern components.

Tip: If you can not select the points to locate components, Change the “Selection Scope” as “Entire Assembly” in the top border bar.

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