Creating Sketch in the NX Drafting

You can create sketches to draw curves in the NX drafting. But you should be very careful when creating sketches in the drafting. On the other hand, fatal mistakes might occur in the technical drawings as seen in the image.

Warning: As you see in the image the lines seem equal but their dimensions are different. These problems occur because of the sketch creation from different views. The views scaling factors are different. 

For example, the view scale is 1:2. If you draw a 10mm line in this view, This line will see in the drawing as 5mm. But the dimension will show 10mm in length.

Creating a sketch on the sheet:

  • Right-click on the sheet in the part navigator. (Also, you can click on the sheet border in the NX graphics window.)
  • Click the “Active Sketch View” command in the quick commands or commands list

Creating Sketch on the view:

  • Right-click on the view border
  • Click the “Active Sketch View” command.
  • The active view border turns blue-dashed when you activate the sketch commands

Note 1: The sketches are attached to the views they created and moves with these views in the drawing sheet.

Note 2: You can snap curves to model edges only on the view that the sketch created.

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