Trim Body in NX

In NX modeling, you can trim a body or body set using a face or plane. The trimmed side of the body will be removed from the body.

For trimming bodies the “Trim Body” command is used.

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Base Group => Combine => Drop-Down => Trim Body
  • Menu => Insert => Trim => Trim Body

To Trim Bodies in NX Modeling

  1. Start the “Trim Body” command.
  2. The “Trim Body” command dialog box will open. The “Select Body” function is automatically active at the start.
  3. Select Bod/Bodies to trim
  4. Activate the “Select Face or Plane” function in the “Tool” group. To activate this function:
    1. Click on “Select Face or Plane” in the dialog box.
    2. one click on the middle mouse button
  5. The trimmed body preview will be seen in the graphics window.
  6. Click “Ok” to finish the command.

Note: You might see an alert as “The tool and target do not form a complete intersection or have a touch condition which will result in a region with zero wall thickness”

This problem occurs because 

  • the trimming face does not completely pass through the body.
  • There is a tangent contact between the trimming body and the tool face as shown in the figure.

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