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Pattern Curve in NX Sketch

In NX Sketch, the “Pattern Curve” command allows for the creation of multiple curve instances using Linear, Circular, or General methods, accessible from the “Home Ribbon Bar,” as illustrated.

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Circular Sketch Pattern

You can create circular patterns in the sketch by using “Circular Sketch Pattern” in Solidworks.

To create a circular pattern:

Activate the

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Linear Sketch Pattern in Sketch

You can create linear patterns in the sketch by using the “Linear Sketch Pattern” command. To activate the command; click on the command icon in the sketch

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Pattern Components Through Objects

You can pattern parts or sub-assemblies of the assembly through points in NX. To pattern components through points: Start the “Pattern Component” command. Set

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Pattern Component in NX

In NX, you can replicate parts or sub-assemblies within an assembly by activating the pattern component tool, found under Home => Assemblies Group => Pattern Component. The most common pattern layouts include Linear, Circular, and Reference Patterns.

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Circular Pattern of Components

You can make circular patterns of components in the NX. Also, you can delete some of the instances in the pattern. To create a circular pattern in the assembly:

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Pattern Face

Pattern Face command, patterns selected faces. It is very useful to edit imported files like “.stp”. Command Activation:


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