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Adding New Arrows to Note in NX Drafting

You can create notes that have more arrows than one in Siemens NX Drafting. Also, you can add new arrows to existing created notes.

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Offsetting Edges/Curves in the Sketch

The “Offset Entities” command is used to create offset curves by using the edges or curves in the sketch. Its usage is nearly similar to the “Convert Entities”

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You can create points in the Solidworks sketch by using point commands. The command location on the sketch Command Manager is shown in the figure. Note: Points

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Sketch Chamfer

Sketch Chamfer command creates chamfers at the intersection of two lines. Command Placement: As shown in the figure; Sketch Command Manager =>

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Sketch Fillet

Sketch fillet command creates a radius at the intersection of two curves. These curves might be free or connected at the intersection point. To create a fillet:

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Slots in Solidworks

You can create four different types of slots in the Solidworks sketch environment. Straight Slot Centerpoint Straight Slot 3 Point Arc Slot Centerpoint Arc Slot…

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There are three different methods to create an arc in Solidworks sketch. Centerpoint Arc: Creates arc by specifying arc center and two end endpoints. Tangent

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Line command is using to make continuous lines or single lines in the Solidworks sketch. To start the “Line” command: Press the

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The sketch is the 2D working area that used to draw curves. These curves in the sketch are mostly used for: creating closed contour area to make 3d objects

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Starting SolidWorks

When you start the Solidworks, The Welcome dialog box opens automatically. On the Home tab in the Welcome dialog box, you can create new part, open recent part,

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