You can rotate the Solidworks graphics window screen and all objects together within. Methods to rotate Solidworks graphics window:

  1. Press and hold the middle mouse button then drag the mouse to rotate the screen
  2. Press and hold the middle mouse button. Click the right mouse button. Select the “Rotate” command on the opening pop-up list. (rotate command becomes active) Press and hold the left mouse button then drag the mouse to rotate.
  3. Activate the rotate command then hold down and drag the left mouse button.
    “View => Modify => Rotate”

To rotate parts in the screen 90 degree through the vertical and horizontal axis. Hold down the “Shift” key then press arrow keys on the keyboard.

  1. Right-Left arrows: Rotates 90 degree verticaly.
  2. Up-Down arrows: Rotates 90 degree horizontally.

Note: Also you can roll view. Press and hold the “Alt” key” and press the right or left keys on the keyboard. View rolls 15° each time.

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