Revolved Boss/Base in Solidworks Modeling

Revolved Boss/Base command is used to create solid bodies by revolving a sketch or closed contour region around a specified axis. 

To activate command:

  • Click on the command icon in the “Features” tab as shown in the figure
  • Start the command on the path of Insert => Boss/Base => Revolve
  • Press the “S” key on the keyboard. The “Flyout Toolbar” will open. Click on the drop-down arrow near the “Extrude” icon and select “Revolve”

To create revolved solid body:

  1. Create a sketch to revolve. (In this sketch you should draw the centerline as a construction line)
  2. Start the “Revolved Boss/Base” command.
    A message will appear instead of the command dialog box. (You can select a plane to draw a sketch or select an existing sketch to revolve)
  3. Select the centerline in the sketch.
  4. The revolved body will be created automatically if the selected sketch has a correct closed contour. If not select a closed region or check the sketch.
  5. Set the direction type and angle.
  6. The preview of the revolved body will be seen in the graphics window.
  7. Click “Ok” to create a body.

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