Opening Existing File

There are several ways to open an existed Solidworks file documents in the Solidworks program.

Methods to open Solidworks files

  1. Click on the “Open” icon on the top toolbar
  2. Press “Ctrl+O” on the keyboard
  3. Click on “File => Open” on the menu bar toolbar.
  4. Press and hold the “Alt” key on the keyboard then press -f- and -o-

The open dialog box will open after the “Open” command selected. You can select and open Solidworks files by:

  1. Select a part and clicking on the “Ok” button under the open dialog box.
  2. Click twice on the file in the dialog box.

The window in the “Open” dialog box shows all types of files in the folder selected. If you want to see a specific Solidworks file as part, assembly, or drawing, you can use “Quick Filter” in the dialog box. Select the file type near the “Quick Filter” (marked as 1 in the image). The window in the dialog box will only show the selected file type.

Note: If you do not know the name of the top-level assembly, you can use the “Filter Top-Level Assemblies” button near the Quick Filter. (marked as 3 in the image)

Note 2: If there are too many files and you can not find the file you look for;

  1. You can use search in the dialog box.
  2. You can type the start of the file on the “File Name” box. The files will list under the text box. (2 in the image)

Note 3: There is a preview panel on the left side of the “Open” dialog box. If the preview of the selected file does not occur in the dialog box and the preview panel is disappeared from the dialog box, you can open the “Preview Panel” by clicking on the button marked in the image. (marked as 4 in the image)

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