Offsetting Edges/Curves in the Sketch

The “Offset Entities” command is used to create offset curves by using the edges or curves in the sketch. Its usage is nearly similar to the “Convert Entities” command.

To create offset curves:

  1. Start the “Offset Entities” command
  2. Select the edges or curves to offset
  3. Type the dimension value in the command dialog 
  4. Check the offset direction. If you want to create an offset to the opposite direction, turn on the checkbox near the “Reverse”.
  5. Click “Ok” to create an offset curve and finish the command.

Note 1: To create an offset curve on connected curves: Turn on the “Select Chain” checkbox in the command property manager.

Note 2: To create a symmetrical offset: Turn on the “Bi-directional” checkbox.

Note 3: To close the end of the curves.  Turn on the “Cap ends” checkbox.

  1. Arcs: Creates tangent arcs on both sides of the offset.
  2. Lines: Creates perpendicular lines on the end of curves.

Note 4: You can create an offset curve as geometry or reference construction geometry. 

  1. Base geometry: Turns the selected geometry into construction geometry.
  2. Offset Geometry: Creates offset curve as a construction geometry.

Problem: I can not create an offset inside the curve

Solution: There might be several reasons for this problem

  1. The fillet radius on the curve might be smaller than the offset size
  2. The length of the curve/curves in the profile might be smaller than the offset dimension.

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