Editing Features in Solidworks Part Design

Editing features are used to modify existing solid bodies in the SolidWorks part modeling. 

Commands to modify edges:

  • Fillet
  • Chamfer

Commands to modify faces:

  • Draft
  • Shell
Changes of the model after the “Fillet Command” used on it.

Important Note: Designers mostly prefer to use these commands at the end of the modeling. Because the created features by these commands might need changes at the end of the projects. The editings on these features might cause unwanted distortions on the model. In some conditions, the cad program blocks the changes on the features like fillet, chamfer, etc… to protect the cad model

Important Note 2: Do not reference any objects to fillets or chamfers. These features change frequently in design. And any dimensions or constraints on these objects move other features with changes on fillets or chamfers.

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