Creating Intersection Curves in Sketch

You can create intersection curves automatically along the intersection between the working sketch and selected objects as surfaces, bodies, etc.. by using the “Intersection Curve” command.

To create intersection curves in the sketch:

  1. Start the “Intersection Curve” command.
  2. Select objects outside the sketch. The selected objects will be added in the “Select Entities” box in the dialog box.
  3. Click “Ok” to create intersection curves.
  4. The intersection curves created.
  5. Press “Esc” to exit the command.

Note: The intersection constraints are fixed on the intersections by constraints. To move these fixed intersected curves:

  1. Select the intersection curve
  2. FeatureManager Design Tree dialog box will open on the left pane
  3. Right-click on the relation in the “Existing Relations” tab
  4. Click on the “Delete” or “Delete All”
  5. You can move/drag freely the intersection curve now.

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