Common Mistakes in the Sketch

The sketch is the base element of the modeling in Solidworks like as all other cad programs. Most of the features are created by extruding, revolving, or sweeping the created sketches in the Solidworks modeling.

Problem 1

Gaps between the entities that cause open profile in the sketch.
If there is a gap between the curves on the closed contour, you can not extrude this sketch.

Solution: Inspect the contour to find a gap between the curves.  If you can not find the gap in the sketch closed contour, you can use the “Repair Sketch” command in the Sketch Command Manager.

  1. Start the “Repair Sketch” command
  2. The command dialog bow will open
  3. The command will find the gaps smaller than the value in the box 
  4. If the “Repair Sketch” command can not find any gaps, increase the value in the dialog box.
  5. The gap will be shown in a magnifier as shown in the image.
  6. Connect the curves in the magnifier.

Problem 2

Overlapped entities: Overllapped entities might cause problems in the sketching.

Solution: If you can not find, overlapped entities:

  1. Start the “Repair Sketch” command
  2. The command dialog bow will open.
  3. The magnifier will appear on the overlapped entities and notice as “Description of problem:  Three or more contour segments meet at this point” will appear in the command dialog box.”
  4. Clear overlapped entities.

Problem 3

I can not select a snapping point. (center, mid-point, end-point, etc…)


  1. Start the drawing command. (line, circle, arc, etc…)
  2. Click on the “Quick Snaps” command on the sketch tab
  3. Select the snap method on the opening list
  4. Now you can snap on a point that selected in the list.

Problem 4

I can not exit or close the sketch.

Solution: Probably, one of the commands is activated and it blocks sketch to close.

  • Press “Esc” to exit the command then exit sketch.

Note: If the solution does not work, Start any command then exit this command and exit sketch.

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