Changing Color in Solidworks

The “Edit Appearance” command is used to change the body/model’s color in the Solidworks. There are two different methods to activate this command.

  1. Context Toolbar:
    1. Select the object to change color
    2. Context Toolbar will appear
    3. Click on the “Appearances” command
    4. The selection menu will scroll down under the command.
    5. Select the object to change color. (Face, body, feature, part, etc…)
  2. Click on the “Edit Appearance” command on the Heads-up toolbar. Select object to change color.

Note: I prefer to use the first method in assembly modeling. because you can select the object to change color. Also, in the first method, the same parts’ color change together. The first method only changes the selected component color (not part color) in the assembly modeling.

“Color command Property Manager” will open on the left pane. You can change the color by using the color palette on this command property manager.

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