Touch Align two Parts in Assembly

You can create touch-align constraints in assembly by using the “Touch Align” function in the “Assembly Constraints” command in Assembly modeling. 

To touch or align two parts in the Assembly:

  1. Start “Assembly Constraints” command
  2. Select “Touch Align” from the “Constraints” tab in the “Type” tab
  3. Select the planar object on the first part
  4. Select the planar object on the second part
    The first part will move on to the second part.
  5. If you want to change the direction of the constraint, click on the “Reverse” box near the “Reverse Last Constraint”
  6. If you want to go on constraining, Click on “Apply” in the Dialog box. The “Apply” will be activated for the next time. (It’s color changes to blue after two objects selected). Click the middle mouse button to create constraints instead of clicking the “Apply” button next time.
  7. Click “Ok” to finish the “Assembly Constraints” command or press “Esc” to finish command.

Tip: You can set the direction of the constraint before constraining objects. Click on the “Orientation” settings before selecting objects and select the orientation type to set direction or type of the constraint.

  • Prefer Touch: The selected faces of the parts are located in the opposite direction if it is possible. If it is not possible they will be located in the same direction.
  • Touch: The faces of the selected parts touch each other. The selected faces will be in the opposite direction.
  • Align: The selected faces will be in the same direction.
  • Infer Center/Axis: It is used for circular objects. The axis of the circular objects matches.

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