Tangent Dimensioning to Circular Edge in Drafting

You might have problems with tangent dimensioning on the circular edge of the models in the drafting in NX. There are several methods to create a tangent dimension on the circle/radius.

Method 1:

  • Start the “Rapid Dimension” command.
  • Make small movements on the circular object.
  • The Snap type will change with the movements.
  • Click on the circular object while snap option changes as tangent or middle point.

Method 2:

  • Start the “Rapid Dimension” command.
  • Wait three seconds on the circular object.
  • Three dots will appear near the cursor
  • Click the left mouse button.
  • The snap list will open
  • Select the tangent point or Midpoint

Method 3: (After the dimension created)

  • Double click on the dimension.
  • The “Linear Dimension” dialog will open.
  • Select the dimension extension line.
    To select the dimension line.
    • Click on the rectangular identifier on the dimension line.
    • Click the first or second object in the “References” tab in the command dialog box.
  • Select the midpoint or tangent on the circular curve. (As written in Method 1,2)

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