Smooth Tangent Edges Visibility in NX Drafting

You can hide or show smooth tangent edges of the 3D models on the views in the NX Drafting views. In the image, you can see the differences between the views the smooth edges hidden and shown.

To hide smooth edges when creating views

  1. Start the Base view command.
  2. In the command dialog box click on the settings icon in the “Settings” tab
  3. Select the “Smooth Edges” in the command tab on the left bar.
  4. Turn off the checkbox near the “Show Smooth Edges”

To hide smooth edges on the created views.

  1. Click twice on the border of the view to open “Settings” for the view.
  2. Click on the “Smooth Edges” in the “Common” on the left bar.
  3. Turn off the checkbox near the “Show Smooth Edges”

Note: You can create gaps on the end of the smooth edges.

To create gaps on the ends of the tangent smooth edges.

  1. Open the settings for the view.
  2. Turn on the “Show Smooth Edges” (Common => Smooth Edges)
  3. Turn on the “Show End Gaps” checkbox
  4. Type the new size value for the end gaps. (If the end gaps are not created, your value might be too small or too high)

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