Show / Hide constraints in the Assembly

Constraint symbols appear in the graphics window after constraints created in the assembly modeling

  • Blue symbol: The constraint is correct
  • Red Symbol: The constraint is incorrect

Due to the assembly structure, you might want to show or hide these symbols from the graphics window.

Show / Hide by using “Show and Hide” command

  • Click “Show and Hide” in the “View Ribbon Bar => Visibility Group”
  • Visibility of the constraint symbols changes from the “Assembly Constraints” tab
    • Click “+” to show constraints
    • Click “-” to hide constraints.

Show / Hide by using “Assembly Navigator”

  • Right-click on the “Constraints in the “Assembly Navigator”
  • Click on “Display constraints in Graphics Window” from the opening list.

Note: If you can not find the Constraints in the “Assembly Navigator”:

  • Right-click in the empty area in the “Assembly Navigator”
  • Click on “Include Constraints” in the opening list.

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