Selection Scope

“Selection Scope” defines the working zone in the graphics window in NX. Most of the selection problems occur because of the wrong sets of the “Selection Scope” in the top border bar. This setting changes due to active commands, active applications, working part in the assembly that’s because sometimes it might be hard to find problems that occur because of “Selection Scope” settings.

For example: When you create a sketch, “Selection Scope” would be set as a “Within Active Sketch Only” automatically. So, you can not select anything out of a sketch. And also you can not snap curves in the sketch to any objects in the part.

Selection Scope:

  1. Entire Assembly: You can select all objects in the assembly file. All parts can be selected separately. 
  2. Within Work Part and Components: The sub-assembly will be select when you select a part that belongs to sub-assembly. If the sub-assembly is the working part in the assembly, you can only select objects in the sub-assembly.
  3. Within Work Part Only: You can only select the objects in the active working part. You can not select anything in the assembly file out of the working part.
  4. Within Active Sketch Only: You can only select curves in the “Sketch”. You can not snap curves to any object out of the sketch.

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