Scale Body in NX

You can scale a solid body or sheet body in NX. You can change the scale method of the body by changing the type of scale from the first tab.

Methods to Scale:

  1. Uniform: Scales the body uniformly in all directions.
  2. Axisymmetric: Scales asymmetrically. Scales uniformly through a plane, and scales through a vector perpendicular to plane.
  3. Non Uniform: Scales with different scale factors in all x,y,z directions

To scale Body:

  1. Start the “Scale Body” command.
    (Home Ribbon Bar => Feature Group => More => Scale Body )
  2. Select body to scale
  3. Specify the scale point. (Also you can move the scale center by dragging the center handle in the graphics window.)
  4. Type scale value in the “Scale Factor” tab.
  5. Click “Ok” in the command dialog box.

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