There are several methods to rotate the screen in NX.

  1. Press MMB and drag the mouse on the screen.
  2. Press F7 and drag LMB on screen.
  3. Click RMB and select the Rotate command from the opening list. Drag LMB on screen.
  4. Select the “Rotate” command on “Top Ribbon Bar”. Drag LMB on screen

To define the rotation center. Press and hold MMB on screen. The red pointer will be seen on the screen. This red pointer will be the center of the rotation.

For slower rotation select the “Precise Rotation” function. If it is not in the “Top Ribbon Bar”, you can find it by using a command finder.

4 thoughts on “Rotate

  1. This is a really good tip. Thank you. I appreciate this tip. I couldn’t be more satisfied with this tip. I can now rotate in CAD. For some reason my one friend will only settle for the first tip. I don’t know why? He really likes the middle mouse button. I feel bad for him, he seems frustrated that the middle mouse button won’t work, but I have faith he can figure it out. Do you have faith he can figure it out? Please inquire back. I would appreciate your time. I admire his want to do it right the first time though. I think it’s an interesting take on life, as people say: do it right the first time.

    1. Hi Mr. Snugg
      I think your friend’s problem occurs because of the mouse he used. He can try to use another mouse.
      Also, he can check his windows settings.

    1. Hi,
      You cant rotate the orient view in NX Drafting after it was created as I know.
      If you want to create a new view with a different view orientation, You can use the method I show in the figure.

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