Roles in the NX

You can customize the interface settings of the NX by using “Roles” in the “Resource Bar”.

Toolbar menus change according to your role selection. The figure shows the change of the menus according to the Role selection.


  • Advanced: All commands in the menus will be visible
  • Essentials: Basic commands in the menus will be visible

You can create new user roles and use these roles in different computers. Right-click on the role tab in the “Resource Bar” and select “New user Role” from the opening list to create a new user role. 

Also, the “Presentation” roles exist in the “Roles” tab. You can use these roles for different types of equipment such as tablets, touch panels, 4k high definition monitors.

Note: Do not forget to save the user role you created after you customize the command menus in the ribbon bars. Otherwise, all of the changes you made will be disappeared after you changed the role or apply for the same role again. (You can not save the default roles in NX. You can only save the changes in the user role you created. )

Note 2: If you customize command menus in the default role, all the changes will be lost after you changed the role. Create a new role and save this role to keep changes in the command menus.

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