“Rib” command adds a thin-wall rib or rib network by extruding curve/curves set to intersect a solid body. 

To activate command: 

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Feature Group => More Gallery => Design Feature => Rib
  • Menu => Insert => Design Feature => Rib

To make Rib in NX

  1. Create sketch or curves far from the surface that rib walls will be created. (Look at figure 1 to see the sketch location.) All curves must be coplanar.
  2. Select the target body. If there is only one body in the model, the Solid-body will be automatically selected.
  3. Select curves to specify the section of the rib. (“Select Curve” in the “Section” tab highlighted)
    • Also, you can create a sketch and draw section curves by clicking the “Sketch Section” box in the “Select Curve” tab.
  4. The preview of the Rib will be created in the graphics window if it is possible to create the rib.
  5. “Perpendicular to Section Plane” should be selected in the “Walls” tab
  6. Set the “Dimension” as “Symmetric” or “Asymmetric”. 
  7. Specify the thickness of the rib in the “Thickness” box
  8. “Cab” tab specifies the start of the rib.
    • Geometry:
      1. From the Section: Rib connects through section plane
      2. From Selected: Ribs connects through selected surface or plane
    • Offset: Specifies the offset from the section curves/plane/face
  9. Draft: Specify to create or not draft on the rib.
    • Draft:
      1. None: Rib walls create perpendicular to the solid-body walls
      2. From Cab: Drafted rib walls create.
    • Angle: Specify angle to draft.
  10. Click “Ok” or middle mouse button to finish command and create rib.

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