The “Revolve” command creates a feature by revolving section about an axis.

Also, you can revolve non-sectioned curve sets to create surface features. If the command gives error set “body type” as “Sheet” in the “Settings” tab.

The usage of the revolve command looks like the extrude command. You revolve section instead of the extruding section. section, limits and Boolean operations. Section, limits, offset and Boolean operations are similar to the extrude command. 

To activate the “Revolve” command:

  • Click on Revolve command in the Home Ribbon Bar => Feature group =>click drop-down arrow under extrude command => Revolve.
  • Select Revolve command from “Menu=>Insert=>Design Feature=>Revolve”
  • Left or Right-click on the sketch. Select the Revolve command from the opened commands list.

For using revolve command:

  1.  Activate the revolve command.
  2. “Select Curve” in the “Section” tab will be highlighted automatically. You can select or create a sketch in different ways
    • Select curves to revolve.
    • Select a plane or surface to create a sketch on it.
    • Select the “Sketch Section” box in the “Select Curve” box. The “Create sketch” command will be active. You can create a plane to create a sketch on it.
  3. Click the middle mouse button to activate the axis tab. You will define an axis and a point in this tab.
    • The “Specify Vector” tab will be highlighted. Select a straight curve or feature to define the axis.
    • If you want to move axis, Click on “Specify Point” in the “Axis” tab. Then select a point. The center axis will move on to the selected point.
  4. Define start/end limits. Also, you can define limits by dragging arrows on the screen.
  5. Define “Boolean Type”. If there are no solid body in the model, Unite/Subtract/Intersect options will not be active.
  6. For more options click Drop-Down arrow under the command window. (Offset and Settings tab will be opened)
    • If you want to create a surface (not solid body) change “Body Type” as “Sheet” in the “Settings” tab.
    • If unite or subtract is passive in the “Boolean” tab, Look Body Type in the Settings tab. Body type might be set to “sheet”. Set this setting to “Solid”.
  7. Click the middle mouse button twice or “Ok” to finish command.

Note: Command might give an error as “Unable to create revolved body from the specified section, axis, and parameters.” In this condition check the section and Offset options in the command menu.

  • The section might not be a closed contour.
  • The axis might intersect with the selected section. Axis must be out of the section area.
  • Offset might be set as Two-sided when closed section selected.

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