Revolve Command makes volume by revolving section around an axis.

There are several different ways to start the Revolve command.

  • Click on Revolve command on Home Ribbon Bar (click down arrow under extrude command).
  • Select Revolve command from “Menu=>Insert=>Design Feature=>Revolve”
  •  Left or Right-click on the sketch. Select the Revolve command from the opening bar.

It looks like an extrude command but creates volume by revolving volume around an axis. The usage of section, limits and Boolean operations are the same as the extrude command. I won’t tell them again. The only difference from extruding command is; you select axis instead of direction.

 For using revolve command:

  • Click on section
  • Select a straight line to define an axis
  • Select the point on the axis. (Axis will move on selected point along selected direction vector)
  • Define limits
  • Select Boolean operation

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