Resize Curve in NX Sketch

The “Resize Curve” command changes the diameter/radius of the circles, arcs, or fillets in the NX sketch. You can change the selected multiple curves at the same time. The modifications on the curves change the attached dimensions on the curves. The constraints will be deleted automatically if they resist resizing.

The “Resize Curve” command located in the sketch “Home Ribbon Bar”

To resize curves in the sketch:

  1. Start the “Resize Curve” command.
  2. Select sketch curves to resize.
  3. If you want to fix the arc center, set the “Resize Solution” to “From Center” .
    If you want to move the arc center, set the “Resize Solution” to “As Fillet
  4. If you want to fix the directions of the curves connected to the selected arc,  turn on the “Keep Orthogonal” checkbox.
  5. To Specify new size value
    1. Type the new value to the diameter box in the dialog box or graphics window.
    2. Drag and move the arrowhead in the graphics window.
  6. Click “Ok” to resize the arc and finish the command.

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