Relate Gallery

Relate Gallery commands are currently hidden in the NX CR. There are very useful commands in this group. You can use these commands by making visible these commands in the “Home Ribbon Bar”. 

To make visible “Relate Gallery” commands in the “Home Ribbon Bar”

  1. “Relate Gallery” commands are invisible by the NX default settings. Activate these commands.
  2. Click down arrow near “Synchronous Modeling” group in the “Home Ribbon Bar” (Shown in the figure)
  3. Commands list in the “Synchronous Modeling” group will be listed in the opened menü.
  4. Move mouse on the “More Gallery” on the opening list. A new list will be opened.
  5. You will see “Relate Gallery” deselected in the opened list.
  6. Click on “Relate Gallery” from to list to make visible.
  7. Now all of the “Relate Gallery” commands are visible in the Home Ribbon Bar => Synchronous Modeling Group=> More => Relate group
  8.  If you want to make any “Relate Gallery” commands invisible, go to commands list and deselect unnecessary commands for you.  (Shown in the figure)

Relate Gallery commands:

  1. Linear Dimension
  2. Angular Dimension
  3. Radial Dimension
  4. Make Coplanar
  5. Make Coaxial
  6. Make Tangent
  7. Make Symmetric
  8. Make Parallel
  9. Make Perpendicular
  10. Make Offset
  11. Group Face
  12. Edit Cross Section 

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