Reference Set Visibility in Part Navigator

In the older versions, I use the reference sets very often. Because there might be visibility problems because of reference set settings of the components in the assembly modeling. (Datums, curves, sketches in the component might be hidden because of the assembly reference set. This problem occurs set assembly modeling reference set is set as a model. For a detailed description about the reference set click here)

To activate the reference set folder in the part navigator:

  1. Open the “Customer Defaults” (File => Utilities => Customer Defaults)
  2. Select “Gateway => Part Navigator” on the left 
  3. Click to activate box near the “Display Reference Sets Folder”

Note: To see the “Reference folder” in the part navigator, activate “Time Stamp Order” for the part navigator.

Note 2: You can change the reference set of the object by dragging the object in the “Reference sets” folder in the part navigator. (Shown in a rectangle in the picture below)

Note 3: You can not change the components reference set in the assembly in this way. It is only for the objects in the part.

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