Opening File

There are several ways for opening an existing part.

  • Click on the “Open” symbol on the “Home Ribbon Bar”.
  • Click “File => Open” (on the top left of the screen)
  • Click “Menu => File => Open”
  • Press <Ctrl + O>
  • Click the “Open a Recent Part” button and select the part that you want to open from the opening dialogue list. (Last opened and saved files are seen here)
  • Open History Palette finds the part and clicks on it.

If you want to open a part inside the assembly, right-click on the part then select “Open in Window” as shown in the figure.

2 thoughts on “Opening File

  1. This does not open a part. This will open the “Open Part File” window. This window only shoes TeamCenter’s “Home”, it does not have access to my C: drive, where all of my files are saved. I need to open a .jt file that is saved on my computer.

    1. Hi Travis
      I used TeamCenter six years ago.
      In Teamcenter “Opening File” and “Saving” is different. It changes the Native NX “Opening” and “Saving” commands.
      You can try to import files to Teamcenter by using
      Menu => File => “Import Assembly into Teamcenter”
      Menu => File => “Import”

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