Move Face

You can move or rotate faces on the solid body by using the “Move Face” command in the part modeling application, in the NX.

For using “Move Face” command:

  1. Activate command “Home Ribbon Bar => Move Face (in Synchronous Modelling)”
  2. Select Faces to move when “Select Face” highlighted in Face tab
  3. Select “Motion type” to move. (Distance-Angle and Point to Point most used motion types)
  4. Move faces
  5. If the command gives an error, change settings. (“Move Behaviour, Overflow Behaviour, Step Face in the settings tab)
  6. Click Ok or the Middle Mouse Button to finish.

Example: I want to move letters of the cad tips

  1. Activate “Move Face Command
  2. Set Motion type as a “Distance-Angle” in the “Transform” tab.
  3. Select faces to move
  4. The handle will appear on the screen.
  5. Click on the handle center. Direction arrows will appear parallel to the coordinate system.
  6. Select and drag the arrow handle to move faces. Also, you can define lengths after selecting the arrow.
  7. Select faces again to move again. You should select faces for each movement.
  8. Move faces as step 6
  9. Click Ok or MMB to finish.

Note: For other examples click here. I wrote a post for moving faces in the NX 11 before.

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