Mirror Curve

The “Mirror Curve” command creates a mirror pattern of the curves in the sketch.

To activate command:

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Direct Sketch Group => Sketch Curve Gallery => Down Arrow => More Curve Group => Mirror Curve
  • Menu => Insert => Sketch Curve => Mirror Curve

For using “Mirror Curve” command:

  1. Activate the “Mirror Curve” command.
  2. Select Curves to mirror.
  3. Click Middle Mouse Button once to activate “Select Centerline” in “Centerline” tab
  4. Select an object to define the center. (Line, Datum, Axis, Edge, etc)
  5. Click Middle Mouse Button twice or “Ok” to finish command.

Note: When you select a line or arc on connected curves, all connected curves will select. It is the reason for “Connected curves” is active on “Selection Dialogue”. You can change the selection method by clicking the “Selection Dialogue” on “Top-Border”.

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