Methods to Show Only Solid Bodies in NX

Sometimes in NX modeling, there might be a lot of objects in the graphics window that makes it hard to see and work on solid bodies in the working model.

There are two different methods to hide objects out of solid model in NX.

Method 1: Hide all objects in the model then show solid bodies in the model.

  • Start “Show and Hide” Command.
  • Click on the “-” sign near the “All” tab to hide all objects on the graphics window.
  • Click on the “+” sign near “Solid Bodies” to show all solid bodies in the model.

Method 2: Hide all objects out of solid bodies. This method is useful when some of the solid bodies are hidden and you want these solid bodies to stay hidden.

  • Start “Show and Hide Command”
  • Click the “-” sign near the types of objects that you want to hide on the graphics window.

Note: To start the “Show and Hide” command

  • Menu => Edit => Show and Hide => Show and Hide
  • View Ribbon Bar => Visibility Group => Show and Hide

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