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You can measure angles by using measure command in the NX CR modeling. In the older versions, there was a specific command to measure angles (Simple Angle command retired with the NX CR versions). But with the new versions all dimensions inserted in the one “Measure” command. You should activate your measure type in the command window.

Important: To measure an angle, activate “Angle” in the “Result Filter” tab as shown in the figure.

Measuring the angle between faces:

  1. Start “Measure” command
  2. Be sure “Angle” activated in the “Result Filter” tab
  3. Select the first object
  4. Select the Second object.
  5. The result will appear on the screen. You can move the result by dragging the pointer on the measure.

Measuring the angle between lines, vectors:

 If you want to measure the angle between vectors, lines, face normals, set the “Object to measure as “Vector”. 

You can change the angle measurement direction. To do this.

  • Select the objects to measure. (Vector selected in the “Object to Measure”)
  • Select the vector in the list
  • Click on “Reverse Direction” in the “Specify Vector” bar. (Also you can click the direction arrowhead on the screen)
  • If the direction is not true, select the other vector in the list and change the “Specify Vector”

Measuring the angle between points:

  • Change the “Object to Measure” in the dialog box as “ Point”
  • Select the first point to specify the center point for the angle measurement
  • Select the second point
  • Select the third point.
  • The angle will be seen on the screen

2 thoughts on “Measure Angle

  1. Instructions seem simple enough but when followed exactly NX does not give the angle between two planar surfaces. Only Area, Perimeter, Centroid.

  2. Hello
    Look at the “Result Filter” if “Angle” is enabled or not.
    Deselect all options other than “Angle” in the “Result Filter”
    Turn “Angle” in “Results Filter” off and then turn it on

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