Make Parallel in Synchronous modeling

“Make Parallel” command changes planar face direction by the reference of another planar face. Its usage looks like Make Perpendicular command.

To make two faces parallel:

  1. Start the “Make Parallel” command.
  2. Select face to move on the body. (“Motion Face” will be highlighted at the start of the command.)
  3. Select Face in the Stationary Face tab will be highlighted automatically.
  4. Select the “Stationary Face”
  5. The model will update itself.
  6. Click “Ok” in the command window.

Note 1: I rarely use this command. You can not determine the distance between the two faces. If there was an option to define the distance between two faces, the command might be very useful. In these conditions, I prefer to use the “Replace Face” command. You can define the distance between faces when using the “Replace Face” command.

Note 2: You can use “Linear Dimension” command to define distance after using “Make Parallel” command

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