Linear Pattern

You can pattern curves through one or two linear directions by “Linear Pattern” in the “Pattern Curve” command in the sketch.

Change “Layout” as a “Linear” in the “Pattern Definition” tab. (By the default Linear selected in Pattern Curve command)

For making Linear Pattern:

  1. Activate “Pattern Curve”  
  2. Change “Layout” in “Pattern Definition” as a “Linear
  3. Select the curve to the pattern when “Select Curve” in the “Curve to pattern” tab highlighted.
  4. Click MMB (Middle Mouse Button) to activate “Select Linear Object in “Pattern definition Tab”
  5. Select Direction Vector for the pattern. (It might be vector, line, edge, etc)
  6. You can change the spacing type from the “Spacing” tab
    • Count And Pitch
    • Count and Span
    • Pitch and Span
  7. Type count of the curves in the “Count”
  8. Type distance in the “Pitch Distance”
  9. If you want to pattern in the second direction click on “Use Direction 2” box in “Direction 2” (If you don’t see “Use Direction 2”, Click the drop-down arrow or click on direction 2 tab to open tab)
  10. Click MMB to finish

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