Hiding View Borders on NX Drafting

In drafting, rectangular frame borders are created around the views automatically when the views are created. These borders can be hidden completely from the NX drafting screen.

There are two methods to hide these borders. The first method hides borders only in the current view. The second method hides borders for the new parts.

Method 1: Hide view borders on the current drafting:

  1. Open the “Drafting Preferences”
    Menu => Preferences => Drafting
  2. In the “Drafting Preferences” dialog box select Drawing View => Workflow on the left navigator.
  3. Turn Off the checkbox near the Display in the “Border” tab.

Method 2: Hide view borders for the new parts

  1. Open the template part file in the “C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX\UGII\templates”
  2. Change the preferences settings as shown in method 1
  3. Save the template part file.

Note 1: You can select the views after hiding them. To select view, move the mouse cursor on the hidden view border. The hidden view border will appear on the screen when the mouse cursor is moved on the border.

Note 2: Method 2, only hides the border for the new parts. To hide borders on the created parts, use method 2.

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