Find Component

You can find parts in the Assembly navigator by using two different commands. If the assembly navigator part list packed and the part hidden in the part list of the assembly navigator, the part list expands and the part highlighted in the part list after the command used.

Find in Navigator

Finds and highlights selected components in the “Assembly Navigator”. 

“Find in Navigator” command is deactive, unless you select a part in the graphics window.

The command is on the “Top Ribbon Bar” shown in the figure.

Find Component

Finds component in the “Assembly Navigator” in two different ways. You can activate this command by right-clicking on the “Assembly Navigator” then select “Find Component” from the opening list.

  • Activate “Find component” command
  • Select the part on the graphics window
  • The part in the “Assembly Navigator”  will be highlighted.

If you can not find the part in the graphics window.

  • Start “Find Component” command
  • The command dialog will be opened.
  • Type the component name in the command dialog box.
  • Press “Enter”

2 thoughts on “Find Component

  1. How do I use this command if I want to leave components packed on list? I often want to mark all components but during search option they become unpacked. When I pack them again I cannot find them on list fast like I do when I use search option.

    1. You can solve this problem by using different methods as I show on the image.
      1. By using the “Note” command in the PMI Ribbon Bar. Associate Note on the component, so the note will move with a component.
      2. You can change the color of the component in the assembly. Do not assign a color to the solid body. Type Filter should be set as empty or “No Selection Filter”.

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