Feature Mirroring in NX Modeling

You can create symmetry of the created features by using the “Mirror Feature” command on the “Home Ribbon Bar” as marked in the figure.

To create symmetry of the feature:

  1. Start the “Mirror Feature” command.
  2. The “Select Feature” in the dialog box is highlighted automatically when the dialog box is opened.
  3. Select one or more features to mirror
  4. Activate the “Select Plane” in the dialog box.
    • Click on the “Select Plane” bar in the dialog box.
    • One-click on the middle mouse button. The “Select Plane” bar will be highlighted.
  5. Select plane or planar face.
  6. A point will appear on the symmetry location.
  7. Click the “Ok” button to create symmetry and exit the command.

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