Excluded Reference Set Problem in NX

In the assembly modeling, some of the parts in the assembly navigator might have shaded color. When you try to make these parts visible by clicking the checkbox near the part name the error message seems on the screen

This component can not be made visible. It is an excluded reference set.

This problem occurs because of the “Reference Set” setting of the part in the assembly. The reason for this error is the part “Reference Set” set as an “Empty”. You should change this as a “Model” or “Entire Part”.

  • Model: You can see the solid model and the objects in the “Model History”. (Generally, part datums, planes, curves are hidden in the assembly.)
  • Entire Part: All of the part objects as datums, planes, lines, etc.. are shown in the assembly


  • Click the right mouse button on the part in the assembly navigator.
  • Move cursor on the “Replace Reference Set” in the list.
  • The new list will open.
  • Select the new reference set as the “Entire Part” or “Model”

Note: If the reference set is empty, You can not make the part visible by changing visibility options or by using the “Show and Hide” commands.

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