Edit Cross Section in Synchronous modeling

“Edit Cross Section” command modifies the existed body face contour through the intersection plane by modifying created curves on the plane. (It is currently hidden as the other “Relate Gallery commands)

To edit the face contour by using “Edit Cross Section” command  :

  1. Start the “Edit Cross Section” command.
  2. Select faces to modify.
  3. Select a plane. (Plane should intersect with selected faces.)
  4. Curves will be created that simulates the contour of the selected faces. Also, the “Sketch” application will be active to edit the sketch.
  5. Edit the sketch
  6. The contour of the selected faces will change due to your changes.
  7. Finish the “Sketch” application. (Shortcut: Q)
  8. Click “Ok” on the command window. (Also you can click the middle mouse button twice to finish command.)

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