Creating Sketch on a Curve/Edge in NX

You can create a sketch on a path of curve or edge in NX modeling. The created sketch will be perpendicular to the selected path.

To create a sketch on a path:

  1. Start the “Sketch” command.
  2. Set the sketch creation method as “On Path”
  3. Select the curve or edge, the sketch will be created.
  4. Specify the plane location on the curve by using the “Plane Location” tab. (Also, you can specify the location by dragging the ball at the center of the plane in the graphics window.)
    Location Methods can change by using the “Location” bar in the “Plane Location” tab.
    1. Arc Length: The plane will be created at the specified distance from the start point.
    2. % Arc Length: The plane will be created at the specified percentage of total length.
    3. Through  Point: The plane will be created at the selected point on the curve/edge path.
  5. By default; the sketch plane orientation is perpendicular to the curve at the specified point. (Normal to Path)
    You can change the plane direction by using the “Plane Orientation” options.
    1. Normal to Path
    2. Normal to Vector
    3. Parallel to Vector
    4. Through  Axis
  6. You can change the sketch x,y,z directions by using the option in the “Sketch Orientation” tab. Also, you can change the sketch orientation by clicking twice on the x,y,z arrows on the center of the sketch plane.
  7. Click “Ok” to create a sketch on the path.

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