Creating Projected Curve in NX Sketch

In the NX Sketch, the projected curves can be created by using the existed objects such as curves, edges, faces, etc. To create projected curves the “Project Curve” command is used in sketching.

To activate the “Project Curve” command in the sketch:

  1. Start the Sketching.
  2. If you create a sketch by using the “Sketch” command, The project curve command is on the
    1. Home Ribbon Bar => Direct Sketch group=> More Curve => Project Curve
    2. Curve Ribbon Bar => Direct Sketch group=> More Curve => Project Curve
  3. If you create a sketch by using the “Sketch in Task Environment”
    1. Home Ribbon Bar => Curve Group => Project Curve
    2. Menu => Insert => Recipe Curve => Project Curve

To project curve in the sketch:

  1. Start the “Project Curve” command.
  2. The command dialog will open.
  3. Click on the Dropdown arrow under the command dialog box to see more settings.
  4. In the settings tab: look at the “Associative” setting is checked as on or off. 
    1. On: The projected curve will link to the selected object and will change when the original object changes.
    2. Off: The projected curve will be free from the selected object. 
  5. Select objects to project.
    If you have a problem selecting an object, look at the “Selection Scope” on the top bar.
    1. Entire Assembly: You can select objects on the other components in the assembly
    2. Within Work Part and Components: You can select work parts and components in the sub-assemblies.
    3. Within Work Part Only: You can only select the objects in the working part.
  6. If you want to project a specific object or curve set, look at the “Type Filter” options on the top bar.
    1. Single Curve: to select a single curve or edge
    2. Connected Curves: to select connected curves. (not working on edges)
    3. Tangent Curves: to select tangent curves or edges.
    4. Face edges: to select all edges that existed on the face or surface. (If you select multiple faces, the edges between selected faces are not projected.)
    5. Body edges: to select all edges on the body
    6. Infer Curves: To select all curves in an existed sketch.
  7. Click “Ok” to create projected curves and finish the command.

Note: You can create associative projected curves in the part modeling by using the “Project Curve” settings. But it is different in the assembly modeling. To see details and tips of the project curve in assembly modeling click here.

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