Creating a mid-line between two lines

You can create mid-lines between two existing curves in the NX Sketch by using the “Derived Lines” command. 

To create a mid-line on the center of the two lines:

  1. Start the “Derived Lines” command.
  2. Select the first reference line.
  3. Select second reference line.
  4. Specify the length of the midline.
    • Type length in the Length box.
    • The “Length” value will be changed with the mouse movement on the graphics window. Move the cursor between lines and click on-screen to specify length size.

Note 1: The created mid-line is not associative. The modification on the lines that are used to create midline does not change mid-line location. The created midline becomes out of the center of two lines.

Note 2: You can create associative parallel lines to selected lines by using the “Derived Lines” command.

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