Changing Sheet Size in NX Drafting

The sheet size can be changed after the sheet is created in NX drafting.

To change sheet size:

  1. Start the “Edit sheet” command.
    To start this command.
    1. Right-click on the “Sheet” in the Part Navigator and select the “Edit Sheet” on the opening list
    2. Click twice on the sheet border in the graphics window.
  2. Click on the box near the “Size” tab to change sheet size by using standard sizes.
  3. To set a sheet size out of standards.
    1. Select and turn on the “Custom Size” checkbox.
    2. Type height and length for the Sheet size.

Note: A warning might appear when you change the sheet size as “Cannot modify drawing. Drawing size is too small”.
This warning appears when one or more views stay out of the new sheet border.
To solve this problem, move the view into the new sheet border.

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