Changing Dimension text in NX Drafting

You can change the dimension value in the NX Drafting. Also, you can type letters instead of dimension value if you want.

Note: I do not recommend you to change dimension by editing dimension text in the drafting. If it is possible, edit the 3D model to change dimension then update the view in the drafting.

To change Dimension value:

  1. Right-click on dimension.
  2. Select the “Settings” from the opening list.
  3. The “Settings” dialog box will open
  4. Select “Text => Format” on the left navigator of the dialog box.
  5. Click on the box near the “Override Dimension Text” tab.
  6. The warning box will appear on the screen.
    (In the “Dimension Value Associativity” warning; There is a warning as “Editing the dimension value will convert the dimension to a dimension with manual text”.
    As I write before edit the 3d model to change dimension if you can.)
  7. Click the “Ok” button on the warning to close.
  8. The typing box will open in the dialog box.
  9. Type new value (or note) in the text dialog box.
  10. Click on the “Close” or the middle mouse button to close the dialog box to apply new value on the dimension text.

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